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Graduate School of International Studies
Master Degree (MA) Program
Doctoral Degree (PhD) Program

The Graduate School of International Studies is oriented towards preparing students to become leaders, scholars, teachers, and skilled researchers. The standard length of time to complete the MA program is two years, and that of the doctoral program is 3 years. To open admission to everyone willing to acquire advanced academic knowledge and skills, the Faculty provides the following flexible systems:

  • Two different types of entrance examinations are given to facilitate applications.
  • Applicants can take an entrance examination either in July or in January.
  • Courses are conducted in the daytime or evening according to student preference and instructor availability.
  • Applicants admitted through the entrance examination designed for non-traditional students can choose a Long-term Study System (3-4 years or the MA program and 5-6 years for the doctoral program).


Core Programs and Degrees Conferred

  • Master Degree Programs

    • International Relations
    • Public Policy
    • Business Management
    • Sociocultural Studies
    • Language and Cultural Studies
    • Area Studies
    • Peace Studies
    • Degrees conferred
    • Master of Arts in International Studies
    • Master of Arts
    • Master of Arts in Peace Studies
  • Doctoral Degree Programs

    • Research in International Societies
    • Research in Regional Studies
    • Degrees conferred
    • Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies
    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Peace Studies

Contact Information

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Graduate School Education programs

Academic Affairs Office for the Graduate School

Phone:+81-82-830-1504  FAX:+81-82–830-1823


Entrance examinations

Graduate School Admission Office

Phone:+81-82-830-1503  FAX:+81-82–830-1656


Support for international students

International Exchange and Promotion Center

Phone:+81-82-830-1784  FAX:+81-82-830-1529